objection-handlingIn our business 95% of common objections are heard over and over and there are only about eight to ten of them. Please practice the responses to these common objections repeatedly until you become an expert at handling them. Make them as easy as breathing!

The ideal situation is to keep the person you’ve called on the phone long enough to recognize you can help them in some way with their staffing requirements.

By using a logical rebuttal to their objection(s), if possible, you will open the door for that to happen. (We’ll cover some commonly heard objections in the next post), but please realize there are many more responses you can come up with yourself using your own words. This is where your own creativity will serve you. You‘ll try many responses until they really work for you and that‘s when achievement stops slipping through your fingers. Below is an example of what you could say when you get a buy sign:

“You wouldn’t have any openings, would you?” or . . .

“What challenges would the person you’re looking for have to overcome in this position?”

(Obviously you would NOT use the first question. we only included it so you could see the difference).

You could also say “Sounds to me like you have an opening . . . would this person report to you?”

My point here is to not pass up buy signs . . . jump on them! Practice what you’ll say when you get one.

Until next time, have a great day!



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