Smart Moves

There are no shortcuts to achieving financial success as a virtual home based recruiter. There are, however, a lot of things you can do that will put real success well within your reach. Earning a residual income is powerful and a good virtual recruiter can do that by working with companies placing contractors (those who are willing to work on a short-term basis for an hourly rate instead of a salary).

Good candidates are still a challenge to find for the majority of small to medium-sized companies, so why not work with those companies to help them solve their human technology problems? In my career as a recruiter, I always found it much easier to work with smaller companies … always!

Even in today’s economy, when companies are cutting costs, they still need the right employees to keep their doors open and stay profitable.  If you can match the most qualified contractor to the right contract job order, you will make a placement more often than not.

problemsolvingYour job as a virtual recruiter will be to find the right people to present as solutions to problems.  What’s the problem most companies have?  They either need to increase their profits or decrease their expenses to stay in business.  Realizing that this statement is very broad, you can translate it to mean several things.  It could mean they need to re-vamp their sales force, weeding out the non-producers, or it could mean they need to cut some positions that are overpaid and replace them with new talent at a more junior level.

What’s the one key component that a recruiter can offer any company?  Confidentiality. Let’s say they hire you to do a search for a position in which they’re replacing someone.  They don’t want that person to know they’re going to be replaced because that will obviously detract from his/her productivity.  So they hire you to do a confidential search.  That way they don’t have to advertise the position, thus exposing their company name and taking the chance that the person they are replacing will see their ads.

Another scenario is that a company needs a special project completed that will take three to six months.  They want to hire someone for just that length of time but don’t know where to find them.  They also don’t want to bear the burden of laying off someone after the project is over.  Your job will be to find them contractors with the appropriate qualifications who will work for that length of time.

As a virtual contract recruiter, you will find the contractors to fill the orders.  If you don’t have the money to pay the contractors you have out on assignments while you wait for your clients to pay your invoices, I suggest you get connected to a company that can do that kind of payroll funding for you.  Or get hooked up with a company that lets you work from home and they take care of payroll and billing for you.  In the last scenario, the company you work for will take a certain percentage for doing this.  But even that is better than strapping yourself with the burden of payroll and billing.

More to come … stay tuned … have a blessed day!





People Often Ask Me Why

People often ask the question, “Why be in the recruiting business?” One of the most dominant reasons is that it pays really well … if you’re good at it. But to be good at it, you need to learn it and then put what you’ve learned into practice. AND you need to give yourself a “permission slip” to be successful at it. As I told a new trainee once, “if you have the determination to succeed, we can teach you the how-to’s.” She went on to make her first placement within two weeks and subsequently, because of her determination, bought a brand new red BMW convertible within six months of starting her career as a recruiter. She kept a picture of that car on her desk to see her vision of it every day. Wow! I was so proud of her. We still keep in touch to this day.

Business people standing with question mark on boardsBut back to some of the reasons why people do this:

  1. Unlimited income (top-notch recruiters often make a six-figure income)
  2. Helping others (clients & candidates) and (refer to reason #1) getting paid big bucks to do it
  3. No more jumping through corporate “hoops”
  4. Be your own boss
  5. Can be done from anywhere with an internet connection & phone
  6. Constant changes keep you from becoming stagnant in this profession
  7. Being well respected for the job you do
  8. Creating your own destiny; not someone else’s
  9. Changing the lives of your candidates by getting them better jobs has a ripple effect on their families often by elevating their lifestyle
  10. As long as you work for yourself, you won’t be downsized like too many “employees” have been

More to come … stay tuned … and have a blessed day,