Easy Steps to Get Started

Beginning to work at home in a small business is the easiest way to become totally independent. It provides the opportunity to work for yourself in familiar surroundings.

But before I give you more info on this, let me pose a question: **If you knew that you had to make an additional $10,000 or more next year, what steps would you take to make it happen? Something to ponder (if you haven’t already).

Many individuals simply don’t have the money to afford renting office space, and choose instead to use a room in the home to set up a small business. The process of working out of the house is simple, and requires only a few steps to make it successful.

The first step is to decide exactly how you want operate as a new business. You can choose to be a sole proprietor, a limited liability company (LLC), a corporation or partnership. At some point, after setting up the legal structure of your home business, you’ll receive an EIN (employer identification number) to be used for tax identification whenever it is required. I personally have an LLC because I like what it has to offer. I don’t give tax advice or want to influence you in any way. It’s just that the options above can help you in terms of write-offs for business expenses.  working-in-home-office

You’ll need to determine the best place to set up your business in the home. For the purpose of taxes, in running a home business, you’ll need to indicate what part of the home is being utilized as the office. This will allow the aforementioned tax write-offs, and help you maintain a larger portion of your profits.

Once you decide to get started, use every type of leverage possible to promote your business. This includes using the Internet, printing business cards, and using free research options online to find ways to market your new endeavor.

Marketing and promotions are essential expenditures to establish a new home based business. It requires investing a good amount of effort, time and energy along with sufficient capital to ensure the success of your new enterprise. With proper planning and funding, you can finally achieve your goal of becoming your own boss. I always advise having at least three months of funds in the bank when you get started so that you’re not coming from a feeling of scarcity.

**Most of the recruiters I’ve trained are making a solid five or six figure income, even in today’s economy. Because of so many layoffs in large corporations, I teach independent recruiters how to target smaller and medium sized businesses who are still hiring. Many have said that the materials in my teachings on marketing and recruiting alone have given them a huge return on their investment.

Stay tuned … more to come. Have a blessed day!




People Often Ask Me Why

People often ask the question, “Why be in the recruiting business?” One of the most dominant reasons is that it pays really well … if you’re good at it. But to be good at it, you need to learn it and then put what you’ve learned into practice. AND you need to give yourself a “permission slip” to be successful at it. As I told a new trainee once, “if you have the determination to succeed, we can teach you the how-to’s.” She went on to make her first placement within two weeks and subsequently, because of her determination, bought a brand new red BMW convertible within six months of starting her career as a recruiter. She kept a picture of that car on her desk to see her vision of it every day. Wow! I was so proud of her. We still keep in touch to this day.

Business people standing with question mark on boardsBut back to some of the reasons why people do this:

  1. Unlimited income (top-notch recruiters often make a six-figure income)
  2. Helping others (clients & candidates) and (refer to reason #1) getting paid big bucks to do it
  3. No more jumping through corporate “hoops”
  4. Be your own boss
  5. Can be done from anywhere with an internet connection & phone
  6. Constant changes keep you from becoming stagnant in this profession
  7. Being well respected for the job you do
  8. Creating your own destiny; not someone else’s
  9. Changing the lives of your candidates by getting them better jobs has a ripple effect on their families often by elevating their lifestyle
  10. As long as you work for yourself, you won’t be downsized like too many “employees” have been

More to come … stay tuned … and have a blessed day,




Could You Be The Solution?

Life is all about choices … the ones we make every day from brushing our teeth to learning something new that could change our lives. Yeah, I know that this is quite broad in scope. But it’s true. Many times we go through each day by rote, not even aware of what we’re thinking about or doing. Just habits.

Choices-hopes-and-fears-quoteOne of the choices I’ve made recently is to create this blog. Why? In hopes of giving you something worthwhile that may just change your life as it did mine … for many, many years.

Would I like you to purchase my recruiting manual and/or audios? Of course I would, but not unless it’s right for you. I would never want you to be an unhappy client. Life’s too short for that kind of stuff. So throughout these articles, I want to give you something of value and if you like what you read, then maybe it will help you make a choice that could be a life changer. So here goes:

The top CEOs of Fortune 500 companies were asked what the #1 problem is in corporate America. Their response: not being able to attract and hire top talent for their companies. They’re settling for mediocrity in many cases with the people they hire. What that means to you is:

If staffing is the #1 problem for these companies, you could be the #1 solution.

More to come … stay tuned … and have a blessed day.

Best regards,